Objective: Clean my apartment.

I’m not a very organized person. I think I might be affected by thought disorder, but that’s not related to what I want to say. Instead, I’ll say this: I want to clean my apartment.

I actually have a crapload of bottles put into garbage bags which would be ready for transport to a recycling depot, if only I had a vehicle to carry them. I don’t even have a driver’s license. Even though the bottles I have would net me a nice $50 or so cash refund, I have no way of making good on it. So, the only option I have is to put them in the bin shared by all my fellow apartment tenants. It sucks, but I’ve been putting it off for way too long. It will be a slow process, since I have many garbage bags worth of bottles, and the shared bin can only fit so much inside of it. Once a week, I will have to put just one bag into the bin.

My determination never lasts for that long (probably related to my suspected thought disorder). Nevertheless, it has to be done. I want to make this place clean. I wanted to be able to get it clean before the next semester starts, but since I can only move one bag at a time, I’m stuck. C’est la vie.

Another problem I have is the huge number of pizza boxes in my place. I tried giving up pop and pizza for a short time, turning to fruits and grains to eat with water to drink, but I quickly got sick (literally) and lost motivation. Even if I did give up pizza and pop, the remaining boxes and bottles would need to go. With the bottles, I can just move them by moving an entire garbage bag. With the boxes, I’m going to have to go through them one by one, dumping the remaining pizza matter and flattening them as best I can. It sucks. But since this is my objective, I need to do it.

I hope I can do it.


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