A month or two ago I bought a game called Aion. I had never heard of it before the day I bought it, but I was looking for a distraction.

The graphics were good for a MMORPG, and I enjoyed making characters. I shamelessly admit that I made a bunch of hot-looking females. It can’t be helped; I really do appreciate the visuals in Aion. I even tried to reproduce Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden (yeah, I’m a nerd). I named her “Desudesu” because “Suiseiseki” was taken, as was “Desu”.

The gameplay is straightforward. You get skills, and try to use them effectively. A skill has a casting time and a cool-down time.

Like other MMORPGs, Aion has its own economy. People can sell stuff via a private store, or via the trade broker. People can create items by crafting them. Learning how to craft takes time, and can be expensive because of the cost of the materials needed. Personally, I like to spot good deals so I can pick them up and resell them for a more reasonable price given their demand. Although in real life this would be considered profiteering, it’s hardly a crime to do so in Aion.

As for how fun it is… it’s fun enough. Learning to craft is painful in every MMORPG because of the necessity to limit the number of skilled crafters, but Aion isn’t too bad in that regard. The different crafts have set “work orders” for different levels so that you don’t have to go searching for materials. You can just pay for the basic materials in the crafting area, and go on with it. And the price isn’t terribly unreasonable to do so. In terms of PvE, grinding can be a pain (a lot of the quests are grinding quests), but it’s bearable. In particular, questing with a group can be quite an enjoyable experience.

Another facet of gameplay (the most important part in fact) is the PvP. Although you have to reach level 25 before you can even set foot into the Abyss (the main PvP area), there are some times you get to fight the other side before getting into the Abyss. Rifts tend to pop up once in a while which allow you to enter the other side’s area (or allow them to enter yours). The PvP is the highlight of Aion, and I can’t wait to play some more. After I’m done improving my crafting.


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