Government’s Three Branches

There are different ways to look at the world we live in. Just recently I thought of a novel (to me anyways) way of thinking about government.

There are three main branches of a democratic government (in some countries there are more, but three branches are commonly identified): the executive, the legislative, and the judicial.

Anyways, I’m a computer science student, so I tend to think about things in computer-related ways. So my novel idea is this: governments have three major functions – (1) programming (and debugging) code; (2) executing code; and, (3) handling exceptions. (1) is the legislative branch. (2) is the executive branch. (3) is the judicial branch. Of course it’s people who throw exceptions. Occasionally an exception thrown falls under a broad set of exceptions and is handled as all exceptions before it (common law). It is up to the programmers to make it so that certain things are handled with more specificity. Everyone’s run through the program called ‘governance’ – mwahahaha!

Yes, yes, I’m boring. I had a 100-level politics course, so it’s been on on my mind a bit.


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