I didn’t order this one online, but I did get it from NCIX. As stated above, I bought a Samsung Spinpoint F1 Series HD642JJ 640GB hard drive. So far? It’s good, but I’ve only had it for about 13 hours or so.

There are a number of reasons why I bought this particular model…. Okay, that was a lie. The only reason I chose this model was because it was on sale (specifically the in-store only sale that NCIX has every Saturday). Obviously the price was right ($60 for 640GB > 10GB/$).

I have a couple reasons why I wanted a hard drive: (1) I was running out of space on my older drives; and (2) I need to take one of them offline in order to either send it to the manufacturer for fixing, or fix it myself. I was planning to wait for Western Digital’s new “Green” model with three platters (improved from four of the previous “Green Power”/”GP” version) totaling 1000GB, but who knows when it will become available? For now, I am content with what I’ve got.

Speaking of what I’ve got, the HD642JJ that I bought is the two platter model. In other words, it should consume less power and have better sustained transfer rates than the three platter model (higher density platters means more bits read per rotation). I couldn’t find any reviews of it, but I’m guessing it’s competitive performance-wise with other 640GB models. If so, the price is what made it a real value deal.

Speaking of deals, I bought some other items that were on sale at NCIX. I haven’t gamed in a long time, and Prey was on sale for $5. You do the math. Although my video card is old, it should be good enough for decent graphics for this game. I also bought a $10 mouse (back-up in case mine craps out on me – an event which seems very possible these days) and an 8GB MicroSDHC memory stick/card/thingie. I needed the MicroSDHC device for expanding my music collection for the journey I’ll be taking with my dad and brothers for Christmas vacation. We’re going to Las Vegas (among other places)!

For the trip, I need new headphones. My “old” ones lost an ear (which can only be remedied by holding the jack in a specific position). Since we’re going by automobile, I want to get something that’ll isolate well (even better than the IEM that I already have). I’m not exactly rich, so I’m aiming for quality that’s inexpensive. For me, this means I’ll be buying the Etymotic er6i. Apparently they’ve got the best isolation (in fact, that’s what the “i” stands for). I look forward to hearing the sound quality of them. They’ve been called “analytical” (vs. “musical”), but that shouldn’t be a problem; perhaps it will give me a greater appreciation for the original recording as it is intended.


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