I’d like to play hockey again. Although I continue to enjoy kendo (to the extent that I can possibly enjoy physical effort), I want to play hockey again.

I’m not sure how to go about beginning again. I’m sure there’s a non-contact (no body checks) league I can join, but that’s less exciting to me. I’ve also got to get some gear (either by getting my old gear sent to me, or buying new gear). I’m pretty lazy, and never take initiative, so it probably won’t happen.

It’s sad that I want to do something, but lack the motivation to even attempt it.

The most possible route for getting to play contact hockey would be the inter-collegiate league. I’m a student, so I could join the club at my university… but I don’t think I’d make the team. For one thing, I’m out of shape (and have never really been in shape). Another problem is that I don’t have the experience that other, better players would have (all I played was minor hockey in a small town).

It’s not that I think it’s impossible to play again, but it’s very unlikely any time soon. If I begin skating again (yeah, it’s been too long), and gain some stamina from kendo in the meantime, maybe I’ll really be able to play hockey again.


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