Washing Windows: File Type Icons

Folder Options can be found in the Control Panel (as pointed out by Alvare).

Folder Options can also be found in Windows Explorer by going to Tools in the menu bar. My problem can be described as follows: I didn’t have my icon set properly for html. So I changed it.

I use Firefox, so under Folder Options, I went to File Types, selected html, and deleted the entry. That essentially took away any predefined behaviour for it. Then, I tried opening an html (which at this point certainly didn’t have an icon set). The “open with” dialog showed, and I selected Firefox. That automatically generated an icon, but it was the generic “piece of paper” icon with the Firefox icon on top. To change it, I went back to the html entry in File Types and clicked Advanced. From there, I clicked Change Icon. At that point, I had to find the location of Firefox (the installation path). By selecting Firefox.exe, a few icons were presented to me. I selected the one I wanted, and all was well.

If you know which icon you want to use, and have an idea of which program that icon would be associated with, then it’s fairly easy to change to that icon. The initial problem I had in this post had to with getting the generic icon that Windows makes for new file types after opening one of them for the first time.

Since that post, I had decided it’s easier to deal with Windows by starting fresh. Of course, you’ll lose any information on how to deal with the file type in question by using the method I just described. But in most cases, it doesn’t really matter if you lose your “open with list”.

Thanks Alvare for bringing this topic back up!

P.S. Sometimes the icons you’re looking for are in dll files. Windows XP looks in Shell32.dll for most of its general purpose icons. There are tons of replacement Shell32.dll files out there which can change the look and feel of your Windows XP. Look it up if you’re interested. Just make sure you only replace an important file like Shell32.dll if you know you’re sure there won’t be any problems.


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