The Machine that I’ve become.

I wanted to avoid using a dramatic name for this entry because I don’t want to say much.

I just woke up, after staying up too late again. I couldn’t just press through as I usually do, so I went to sleep at 5am. I woke up around 11:30am (just ten minutes or so ago).

The first thing I *felt* is that I wanted to go back to sleep. And for some reason, my mind visualized doing a restart.

When you start up Windows XP (with Welcome Screen and what-not turned off), you get a dialog box asking for a user name and password. The “Options” button (it’s pretty pointless), when clicked, will reveal another button to reboot. When I woke up, and wanted to go back to sleep, I had a vision of clicking the reboot button in that dialog.

This vision appeared so quickly, without any actual thought process, that I found myself surprised. And I woke up to tell the tale. I don’t mind becoming more automatic, as that can help productivity and efficiency. But, in this case… it’s kind of like added overhead. I should be able to go back to sleep without any extra sensory stimulation (excuse my non-standard wording).

However, if the common thing to happen is to think “aurally” that “I want to go back to sleep”, then I suppose there’s not much of a difference. It’s the difference between “hearing” words and “seeing” pictures, and both seem to be acceptable with regards to how the “inner mind” functions.

Perhaps I’m not surprised by the fact that I “saw” something instead of “hearing” something (which for me is the default way I think), but by what I saw.

To conclude, my automatic and unintentional visualization of restarting Windows to represent going back to sleep… simply proves that I’m a computer geek. You’ve heard the expression (haven’t you?), “I’ve got *** on the brain.”

Now I want Arby’s.

[Edit: Added P.S.]

P.S. I think this will be interesting if brought up in one of my upcoming classes. One is about the social implications of a computerized society. The individual doesn’t seem to be a focus in that course, but it would still be interesting to talk about. Another upcoming class is an introduction to psychology; enough said.


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