My Lord De’Cries

I have decided that if I should ever apply for a name change, I shall change my last name to De’Cries (pronounced like “decrees”). It suits me well. The word “decries” means to belittle, which is a something I’ve done quite a bit in my lifetime. Also, to decree is to command (in a formal manner). Incidentally, my last name (which is actually a first name) can be said to mean “ruler of the people”, and my first name can mean “god has given”. Put them together, and you get “god has given a ruler of the people”. Pretty nifty, eh?

But seriously, my last name has no real importance to me. To be honest, none of my names are particularly important. However, if I were to select a name for myself, it’d have some importance; it would be an identity for myself. Sure, the name I came up with plays off of my current last name, but it’s unique. It also has that added meaning (to decry is to belittle).

My second semester of kendo has finished, and I’m expected to buy bogu now. I’m pretty tight for money after buying my new hardware, but I’m considering buying the cheapest set of reasonable quality. The word zekken appeared, and I had to learn more. It’s basically a nameplate, with your dojo name, kanji version of your name, and romanized version of your name. My name doesn’t hold any particular significance to me (as my people never had last names to begin with), so I wondered what I could use and be happy with. After researching my own name, I feel it’s a good name, but I wanted something a bit more “me”. I probably won’t be getting a nameplate yet (this is my very first set of bogu), but I will consider it in the future. I just looked up some kanji, and below is what I thought might work.

Pride: kouman. man is to look down upon a person, make light of, underestimate.

Order (in the decree sense): meirei. mei means order, command.

Who knows if that works at all? Well, whatever. Didn’t sleep tonight. I slept last night after not having gotten sleep the previous night. I’m not sure if I prefer to have this kind of sleeping pattern. With the extra time, I get the ability to spend a lot of time on different things for pretty much as long as I want. Of course, when I crash, I sleep for a longer amount of time. Perhaps if I can find a balance, it’ll be a rewarding set-up.


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