The Intermission of Spartacus

Yes, I am watching Spartacus in HD (720p), and I’m halfway through the 3-hour epic. Speaking of epic, I haven’t gotten sleep for ~32 hours. You might be wondering why that is, and to be honest I too wonder what madness would make one stay up for this long. It’s not a record for me (oh no, that was one loooong period of time without sleep), but it takes some toll on me, especially as I had finished a 3-hour exam just 25.5 hours ago. I took the full three hours, and was frustrated at not having been able to answer 2 of the 17 questions. Well, that’s in the past. I’ll put it behind me. Or rather, it is so far gone (as I am) that I dare not even attempt to recollect the details.

But seriously, I’m tired. And because of the order I placed at NCIX not so long ago, I am poor as well. I won’t go into details of that right now (I’m too tired for that now), but despite how much it feels to me, it was a good price to pay for such an improvement over what I have now. Oh, my sacrifice, so noble! so vain!

Wow. I’d go to sleep, but I have yet to finish watching Spartacus. I haven’t seen it before; it’s a classic, but it’s new to me. Speaking of new, the burner I have is quite excellent. It’s nice and quiet when reading from the dual-layer DVD on which I burned 8132MB of epic. I’ll say it again, epic.

[Edit, as if I needed it:] I had decided to not begin watching Spartacus at 1am because I didn’t want to stay up all night. Well, that’s just great. Instead, I learned about nLite. It’s a very excellent tool that can be used to customize installation CDs for Windows XP (and others, I’m sure). It didn’t have the features that I wanted in the first place (I couldn’t find a solution for that), but it had everything else you could ever want in a slipstreaming tool. By the way, the thing I wanted to do was to create an installation that would let you install certain things in different locations (preferably on another drive) instead of having to do so after installation. In other words, I want to not have to kludge my way through moving the program files to another partition; or temp; or My Documents; or whatever! Well, it can be dealt with, though annoying it is that I should have to do it manually. And when I get my new hardware, I expect to be doing so.


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