Email: Yes, I use it sometimes.

Okay, so I just wrote this and I am about to send it to my brother. Usually I wouldn’t bother sending email of any kind, but I needed to send an attachment for my brother to print and fax (or whatever) to some administrative office for my school funding.

see attached, uuerd?

it’s like i wrote a book! it took as long as an essay! and i still probably missed some stuff!

In other news, I’m done with this semester!!! WOOT~! +1

I should attach it a couple hundred more times to max out the total attachment size. :P

oh. and don’t tell me i actually have to print it out, sign it, and physically send it by mail….

rather than that, i’d just photoshop (read: MS PAINT) my signature on it.

So, yeah. I wrote the bloody thing seriously, but I hate having to deal with administration. But as you can tell from what I wrote, I’m done all my exams! That last one was a “doozy” (well, it wasn’t “extraordinary” or “bizarre”, but who cares). Did I mention I actually got a grade back for one of my courses? A B+ is A-OK by me.


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