Two more down, One to go.

So, I’m considering going all out and buying a new computer case, motherboard, and processor. I’m not exactly rich, but I’ll survive. But I also need to blow $500 or more on a bogu set for kendo soon! Yeah, money’s getting tight.

Aside from that depressing talk about money, I did well on the exams today. Or, at least I think I did. For my first exam, I think I was the first one done. The instructor caught me before I left (small class) and told me it looked good in the minute or so he had taken checking it. So, that’s a good sign. My other class was the big philosophy class. I think that one took me two hours.

So, yeah. I didn’t really study much last night as expected. Actually, my dad was in town, so I went to his hotel to watch some hockey. I don’t have cable or anything at home, so it’s occasionally nice to watch hockey on an actual television. In any case, a lot my light studying came before my second lecture. It paid off, as I wasn’t stressed from over-studying (that’s a joke to me), but I was tired (was still re-adjusting my internal clock from staying up too late).

But yeah, when (or perhaps if) I get my new hardware, I’ll post some real info on it. I might have to throw in some DDR2 ram as well. My current rig is old; 1.8GHz Athlon XP 3000+, 1 GB ram, a middle of the line video card that’s two generations old…. Yeah, it’s been good to me. The only problem is that I’m getting more and more into HD. It’s kind of surprising I’ve been able to watch HD at all with my computer, but I have!


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