Final Exams: Spring 2008

Alright, two exams tomorrow. I didn’t study. Okay, well maybe an hour here, an hour there. But I’m really not the studying type. I learn stuff in class by writing it all down. I write those notes, but I don’t use them. Well, it works, and that’s all that matters.

What’s up tomorrow? Hmm… I have Comparative Programming Languages… and my philosophy course on Morals and Ethics.

On Friday I have my final final exam of the semester, Linear Algebra. Fun stuff. Speaking of Linear Algebra, I just got back from an optional extra lecture. That’s my studying for that course. Seriously.

My only problem with these exams is that they were bunched up. Actually, I wouldn’t even mind it if I have three exams in the course of three days, but having two on one day really sucks. I mean, I am so bad at studying, it’s guaranteed that the most I’ll do is a couple hours the night before. And that means I’m doing one hour of each subject tonight. But not right now, later….

Procrastination is one of my key attributes as a student. Each semester, I come in intending to change my bad habits, but I never do. Oh well. I’m not worried about failing. Now if I can manage to wake up on time tomorrow….


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