Spice and Wolf

I recently watched a series called Spice and Wolf. The main character is a traveling merchant who meets the local deity of the village he’s arrived in. This deity, which takes the form of a young girl with a wolf’s tail and ears, wants to leave the village which had original revered her for blessings for the harvest, but eventually came to forsake her for her (unavoidable) inconsistency – a problem that has been solved by recent technological advances.

All in all, it’s a good series. It’s a 2008 production, so while its animation is nothing spectacular, it’s far from being bad. The series is 13 episodes long (the 7th episode was not a part of the television run, but will be included as a DVD-only OVA). I hope there is going to be some consideration for a second season, but I won’t hold my breath.

The series is refreshingly different. Spice and Wolf focuses on the economy of the fictional world it takes place in, as well as the individual dealings of the main character. I recommend this series to those want something light to watch. I was able to breeze through all 12 episodes (DVD-only OVA not included) without trouble in two days.

As a side note, the original source material is the series of light novels of the same name. Although it hasn’t been completed yet, I do have a link to a website where a translation is being done (in the form of wiki contributions). If anyone finds a complete translation somewhere, please contact me!


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